Springwoods Village – Exxon Mobil

Homes for sale in Springwoods Village

Homes for sale in Springwoods Village
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Springwoods Village Site Map

Springwoods Village construction has begun
surrounding the new Exxon Mobil campus. The plan is for 5,000 homes to be built for Exxon’s 10,000 employees and Southwestern Energy’s 1,500 employees. Eventually, there will be 9 million square feet of commercial space for all of the businesses that will be located in this area. This space will serve 35,000 to 50,000 employees in total.

The idea of Springwoods Village is for it to be one with nature.  There will be miles of trails interconnecting the entire community within a 5 minute walk to shops, restaurants, and parks. There will also be a 150 acre nature preserve located within the community.

Located just south of The Woodlands, Texas, Springwoods Village may be even better. This place will have everything your heart could desire!

The first real estate being built there is on the upper end of affordability in the $500,000 to 1 Million dollar price range, but eventually, there will be plenty of homes in every price range. By the end of 2016, there should be plenty of activity with much of the community either completed or under construction. This is an exciting time for this area!