Jacobs Reserve

Jacobs Reserve

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Living in Jacobs Reserve

If you want to live in a nice area north of Houston and you also want easy accessibility to I-45, you should consider the homes that are for sale in Jacobs Reserve.  It’s located near the intersection of 1488 and I-45. Not only will you live in a newly developed community with a pool, a recreational center and a park, but you will also have easy access to all of the amenities inside of The Woodlands with easy access to I-45.  Another special thing about living in Jacobs Reserve is the schools.  Children that live in Jacobs Reserve attend school inside of The Woodlands.  These are all top rated schools.  You can choose to live in a townhome, a moderate family home, or an upscale luxury home.

New homes in The Woodlands are only available deep inside The Woodlands in a section called Creekside Park.  The homes available for new construction in this area start at $400,000 and go over $1 million.  Because Creekside Park is in Harris County, the schools are not in The Woodlands.  The Woodlands real estate market is running low on available homes. Living in Jacobs Reserve is a better option if you want your children to go to schools inside of The Woodlands and you want better accessibility to I-45.  You will be centrally located with access to everything in the area.  Jacobs Reserve really is a gem in the middle of Montgomery County.

Growth in Montgomery County is moving north of The Woodlands.  Jacobs reserve may be on the northern end of growth right now, but in a few years, in will likely be in the center of a rapid expansion northward and all along FM 1488.  Because of its location, your investment in real estate in Jacobs Reserve should grow steadily in value in future years.