Bluejack National

Homes for sale at Bluejack National

Homes for sale in Bluejack National
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Tiger Woods has designed the perfect golf course community in Montgomery County, Texas. Along with an 18-hole championship course, there will be a 9-hole short course, named “The Playgrounds”, ideal for families and entertaining. There will be very little rough on these golf courses which will make them a true playground for golf enthusiasts.

At first, there won’t be many people living in this community, but soon there will be plenty of homes for sale at Bluejack National. It will start out with 384 homes that will be the first building block of a much larger community in the future. Everything in the Houston area is moving north. The community, located north of The Woodlands, Texas, will be the next major expansion for the Houston area. New roads and highway systems are being built all over the area surrounding Houston. This will make the idea to move way out to Bluejack National much more appealing because of the easy access to downtown Houston. 

Right now, much of Bluejack National is raw land. This provides the perfect opportunity, for anyone with any foresight to the future, to take advantage of this Texas land for sale. There will be 5 three acre home sites out of 384 that are first built. Then there will be plenty of acreage for sale in the surrounding area. Land in Texas should continue to appreciate in value for many years to come.